Twitter Time Has Begun

Wednesday, March 19, 2008 | | 2 comments »

Okay, so I've jumped in to Twitter and have a few thoughts.

1. Thanks to those of you who have given me tips.
2. Ryan, thanks for my only direct message so far.
3. Jamie, thanks for the welcome!
4. I'm amazed that people have over 1,000 followers. Wow, that's amazing.
5. I'm amazed that some people follow hundreds other people. Why? Is that too much?
6. I did set Twitter up to send the tweets to my iPhone - it was kind of cool, but so many of the tweets were directed @someone I thought it was kind of a waste- but maybe some aren't.
7. I'm wondering who sees my tweets.
8. Do only my "followers" see my tweets?
9. How do others find me - word of mouth? Does "word of mouth" even make sense in today's world? Should it be word of fingers or word of keyboard?
10. I'm having a hard time following conversations - should I be worried about this at my beginning stage or will I figure it out?
11. I like the connections I'm making, I'm just not sure if I'll learn as much compared to blogging and reading the blogs of others.

I'm sure I'll have more as I use it, but for now, those are some initial thoughts.


  1. Guybrarian // March 19, 2008 at 10:54 PM  

    Hi Chad! So glad you are on twitter! You have probably guessed- only followers see your tweets, and you'll get the hang of it sooner than you think. I believe it is all about creating a network of folks that help you by stretching your thinking or supporting your work. Kinda cool for us librarians that are pretty isolated- helps us get some quick feedback when needed. Keep it up!
    PS- have a good spring break!

  2. Jethro // March 19, 2008 at 11:02 PM  

    My suggestion: Don't do to much thinking about Twitter. If you overanalyze before you are ready, you will probably lose some of the fun. Once you start following a bunch of people and they are following you, it will be very difficult to follow conversations. I have met some great people through Twitter. I am glad that I am on it. You will see that it works for you how it works for you.

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