Well, today marks the last day of Spring Break. I'm heading back home after 9 days in Florida. I sure don't want to go back. Who would want to leave warm weather and no work for cold weather and work? Vacation is too nice.

I've realized a couple of things over break as far as technology and staying connected is concerned. The fun things I can't live without and the necessary things I can live without.

As far as the necessary things - I'm taking an online course through my local university. For the course, we have to read a bunch of stuff, write papers, and participate in online discussions. I had a paper due last week and submitted it before heading to Disney with the family. Since the Spring Break of the university was LAST week, and my Spring Break was this week, things got a little out of whack. It wasn't until today that I remembered I had work to do for my class because I was in vacation mode. Luckily, I am able to "borrow" a wireless network from my in-laws' neighbor and do my work on the patio next to the pool. It's the same place I am right now as I write. In the dark. Listening to the crickets. Very peaceful. Anyway, earlier this morning, I listened to an audio assignment and followed along on a PowerPoint my professor put together. It took was rather lengthy, but I did what I needed to do, for now. I have more to do when I get home, but at least I didn't forget completely about it.

Now, as far as the "optional" technology - I couldn't stay away. I was constantly checking my email on my iPhone daily. At the mall, at Disney, at a bar, all over the place. I don't usually get too much "important" email, but none the less, I was checking it. I was texting friends, hoping to strike up a conversation once in a while. I was checking my NCAA brackets and scores to see how things were going with the tournament games. I was checking Bloglines to see what's been written. I must say, however, that I haven't kept up as much as I should have, resulting in too much skimming, very little commenting, and some deleting just to not get too far behind. I've checked Twitter a little to see what people are doing, even though I've yet to get a good grasp on this new tool.

Can I live without technology and the ability to stay connected? A little. Do I want to? Absolutely not.


  1. Pissed Off // March 29, 2008 at 7:04 PM  

    Last time we were in Florida, my parents neighbors had no internet for me to borrow. We drove around until I found a signal outside a bar. I used the computer in the car until it got too dark to see. The next day, I found a Panera Bread. I'm still taking abuse because of my addiction.

  2. Joel // March 30, 2008 at 7:00 PM  

    Wow, I am planning on getting an iPhone in a couple of weeks. I hate my technology addiction, though. It keeps me from doing much more important things (I know I have a clean plate somewhere in the house...YES! It's underneath all of the dirty ones. Hmm, I wonder why my power is out. Oh yeah, it's the 3rd of the month again and I didn't pay my bill again).

    Okay, so it's not that bad, but still...

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