Full Speed Ahead or Not?

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I've been on this educational technology adventure for years now and I've realized that there are some pretty amazing schools and districts out there, not to mention amazing educators. It seems to me, some schools and districts are moving forward much more quickly than others. Some are quick to adapt to new technologies and some are much slower. Are leadership and funding the critical factors in determining the direction schools and districts take with how fast they move with technology? Are there others?

Is your school/district one who has a "Let's go for it and see what happens" mentality? I think it would be very fun to be working in an environment where new ideas were given the green light. I realize we're teaching in a world of No Child Left Behind where schools are judged by test scores, where funding levels aren't where we'd like them to be, where professional development may not always be up to us, but why aren't teachers given the opportunity to try something new? Why can't we experiment a little?

Or, is your school or district taking a very cautious approach? If they are, why? Is the time we have with students too valuable to "waste" on something that isn't research based? Are we risking valuable book time with students on topics directly related to "the test?" Is there simply fear with what could go wrong? How will this mentality change in a school or district? Can it happen quickly or do you think it must happen slowly? I'm not sure I have the answers.

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  1. J // February 11, 2009 at 9:56 AM  

    Hello Chad --

    Right now, my school is in a holding pattern. Due to the economy and our school being a private school -- monies are tight.

    Plus, since they have no tech plan, they have no vision. So things happen rather sporadically with no general plan.

    They have added projectors to classrooms (which have just turned out to become bigger tv's).

    There is no expectation for tech use or exploration of new options -- so the teachers remain either at a "as always" teaching style or they plunge ahead on their own with new ideas.

    Finally, since we have NO tech budget...that is right ZERO.....all monies come from grants or donations. That does not help matters much.

  2. Mrs. LaChance // February 11, 2009 at 12:19 PM  

    We're a little in the middle. As a district, we have some folks that are willing to go forward-whatever it takes. Then, we have a few that don't want to move forward-whatever it takes. We've been working with county level administrators to hopefully change this thinking. It's working, but there is a long journey ahead of us!

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