I'm excited!

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I decided to show my wife the geek side of me again by telling her about my blog and showing her the page. She was like - okay, no big deal. Typical response. Anytime I get some new tech gadget she's never as excited as I am. The new MacBook back in August with the built in iSight camera? No big deal. The cool bluetooth wireless mouse for Christmas? No big deal. Anything tech related that I think is cool and get excited about - is no big deal to her. Can anyone else relate to this??

Anyway, I was much more excited when I saw a comment from Learn Me Good. That was a nice surprise and I appreciated his comment. After reading a few other blogs I made my way over to his site and read his post where he mentions my blog along with a few others I plan on checking out soon. Needless to say, my rambling during this posting comes from a little excitement about the fact that someone other than me is actually reading this. Perhaps it will catch on and I will get more than 1 comment and be mentioned on more than one page.

Anyway, I'm looking to my left right now staring out the front window of my house to a beautiful snowfall. While the beauty of this snowfall is pretty incredible, I'm also thinking about the task I have ahead of me - shoveling and snowblowing it. However, while I'm doing that, my first grade daughter and almost 4 year old son will have a blast playing outside. That excitement for my daughter will not compare to what she will do later today - go see the High School Musical concert with her mom and some friends. If any of you have kids who love that movie, you know what I'm talking about.


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