This weekend, my daughter was in a soccer tournament. There were four teams in her bracket and it turns out two were 7 year olds and two were eight year old teams. They played one of the 8 year old teams today and were totally outmatched. Then, the head coach makes a horrendous decision - he stops the game. Now, my wife is the assistant coach and he asked her what she thought. Of course, she says to let the kids keep playing. They can use the practice and what does quitting teach them? Now, it was not even halftime yet and the score was only 7-0. He didn't take that advice at all and called the game. This not only pissed my wife off, but many of the parents were ticked as well. He also never told the girls the real reason the game was off. What does that teach them? The good news is that he told my wife and the team manager that he wasn't going to coach the girls next year! For the second game today, our team beat the other 7 year old team, so that was good. That team was hammered earlier today by the other 8 year old team. Tomorrow, was supposed to be the other games, but the coaches for all 4 teams wisely redid the games so we play the other 7 year old team and the two 8 year old teams will play each other again. This will be much better for all of the girls involved and we won't have to worry about our kids only playing half of a game. Thank goodness this guy's not a teacher!

By the way, we got a call from the insurance company yesterday about the accident and the car is totaled. We ended up buying a new car today and will pick it up on Tuesday. I think we got a decent price, but you never know how honest car salesmen are! Oh well.


  1. Lara // May 13, 2007 at 2:43 AM  

    wow, quite the lesson to be learned there: when it looks like you won't win, just cut your losses and quit. i hope none of them took it to heart...

  2. IMC Guy // May 13, 2007 at 9:55 PM  

    I don't think the kids really knew what was going on or the real reason the coach called it quits. I really think they'd think it was the wrong decision.

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